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The X-truder 3D Print Head

We’re checking out a new product being crowdfunded: the X-truder dual nozzle 3D printer head assembly. 

The new print head was designed by a three-person team of engineers fascinated with all things 3D printing. While we’ve seen many dual extruder arrangements before, they’ve come up with some very interesting features: 

  • An all-metal design capable of reliably printing at a wide range of temperatures due to effective heat sink design
  • A unique filament drive system that enables a single motor to drive two incoming filaments
  • A fascinating cam system that tips the active extruder into position, enabling faster material switches during printing
  • Simplified electrical connections that should provide additional reliability 
  • A magnetic mounting solution with a snappy name, “Klix”

While the device is designed only to operate with 1.75/1.85mm filament, we’re quite certain many Fabbaloo readers will find this product of great interest. 

You can order one (or more) of these interesting assemblies from Praxis3D’s Kickstarter page. The low price available now is USD$250 for a full assembly, but as units are sold, the price will rise. They have a pretty steep goal, USD$100,000, but the product appears to be well-designed and could be quite successful.

Via Kickstarter

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