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Design of the Week: Mr Sorn Graffiti Tag

This week’s selection is an amazing graffiti tag modeled by artist Ben Normally.

The work is a 3D rendering of a 2D graffiti tag by noted graffiti and tattoo artist Mr Sorn. The original 2D work looks like this: 

Normally explains: 

Mr.Sorn is an experienced graffiti writer and recently turned tattoo artist. This graffiti sculpture was developed from a model I had originally used in an animation. The piece had been painted back in 2007, and is a classic example of his distinct funky lettering.

We like this method as it provides a way for detailed 2D art to become 3D, although considerable 3D skills are required. Normally has produced several other works using this approach that are available for purchased download at his Cults3D shop. 

Via Cults3D 

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