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Design Your Own 3D Printed Vase

What, you’re not a 3D modeling whiz? Still need a design for a vase? We found a service you can use. 

The Vase Creator is a web page where you can design a complex vase shape and export the 3D model for printing. Designed by Valentin Bochatay of Switzerland, the Vase Creator is offered to the world at no charge. 

You’ll see a number of mathematical parameters used to generate the shape, but don’t be scared off. You need only tweak the numbers and sliders and you’ll immediately see their effect on the live preview on the right. (By the way, the numbers shown here were used to generate the vase model at the top).

Gradually tweak the settings to contort the model into the desired shape and then you’re ready for export. You can choose a lesser resolution level to refine your design before you download the large, high-resolution final version. 

All parameters used to generate your vase are displayed numerically, meaning you can copy them to keep a record of the exact parameters used to generate your model. 

Thanks to Bochatay for creating this very useful service. 

Via Vase Creator

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