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LulzBot’s Two New Dual Extruders

LulzBot, makers of the popular TAZ series of personal 3D printers, has announced two new extruders. 

The extruders, designed to accompany the TAZ 3D printer are the Dual Extruder and the FlexyDually Tool Heads provide dual extrusion - but with a difference. 

The Dual Extruder is an upgrade of their existing dual toolhead, and provides an ability to print many filament types at up to 240C on its two identical extruders. The upgrade deals with finer resolution, mainly provided by the smaller 0.35mm nozzle. 

The FlexyDually Tool Head is more interesting, and not just because of its kooky name. The device is also a dual extruder, but it’s capable of printing flexible filaments, which can be difficult to print on standard extruders. The FlexyDually includes a standard material extruder and a second extruder specifically designed to handle flexible filament. This enables printing of objects with both hard and soft portions. 

Note, however, that the FlexyDually’s nozzle is 0.5mm, so prints will not be quite as precise. But they can be flexible. 

The two new extruder heads are available now for all TAZ models from LulzBot’s site, both priced at USD$495. 

Via LulzBot and LulzBot

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