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You Can Build Your Own E-Waste 3D Printer

You have USD$60? You can build own own 3D printer from a pile of e-waste.

It won’t be a very good 3D printer, but it will definitely work. A recent Instructable produced by member mikelllc shows the steps to get it going. It’s not entirely made from e-waste, but mikelllc says you’ll use about “80% of recycled components”.

What kind of e-waste is required? For mechanical motion the required items are a couple of CD/DVD drives and an old floppy disc drive, so long as they employ stepper motors. You’ll also need to find a spare power supply and plenty of wiring. 

New components required (if you don’t have them handy) include an Arduino board and some purpose-cut panels to make up the printer’s case.

It is certainly a bit of work to complete this project, but it clearly demonstrates there’s still value in that e-waste, which otherwise would hit the landfill or remain on someone’s shelf for eternity. 

Via Instructables

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