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NFire’s 3D Printer Prototype

We’re looking at the blog of NFire Labs, who are attempting to build and launch a new personal 3D printer. 

The project has been created by UK-based Alex Youden, who says:

It has been a long time ambition of mine to start my own 3D Printer Company, and I am pleased to say that that dream is now a reality. Without the constraints of exams and college I can now devote my time to the company and developing 3D Printers.

Youden has not published the specs of the machine, but we can say it’s a delta design, as evident in the images above. 

It’s a very challenging venture, considering the present very crowded competition, which includes not only others who have traveled the same path, but now includes several major corporations as well. 

However, it will be fascinating to observe Youden’s progress through the design of the machine. The blog already includes several instances of solved problems, which could potentially be useful for others. 

Eventually NFire hopes to complete their design and launch the machine on Kickstarter or similar platforms. We’ll be watching for it. 

Via NFire Labs

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