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3D Printed Art Engages Children

An art exhibition at a K-12 school in India converted imaginary objects from the minds of children to become real objects. 

The exhibition in Hyderabad at the Oakridge International School was organized by think3D, “India’s largest 3D printer store”, who worked with the children directly. 

Several students from the 5th standard were selected to work with think3D modelers to convert their imaginary designs into digital 3D models, which were then 3D printed for the children. Ramesh Koppunur of think3D says: 

We have been involved in a lot of initiatives to spread awareness about this technology. Yesterday, we have done an awareness event at one of the top schools in our region where 3D printing was put to use to convert childrens' creative art works into 3D printed objects. The initiative got rave reviews from the visitors.

This type of event should be happening across our world, showing children that it is entirely possible, reasonable and fun to convert imagination into reality.

All children need to learn these concepts, since in the future it will be their responsibility to make reality happen. 

Via think3D

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