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Amsterdam Gets a 3D Print Retail Store

Like many other leading cities around the world, Amsterdam now has a dedicated 3D print retail operation: Print3DMatter. 

The store operates in a pattern we’ve seen before in other locations: a mixture of manufacturer resales, supplies, print/scan-on-demand services, educational meetups and training. The store also offers “Design” services, in which they’ll convert your crazy idea into a 3D digital model suitable for printing - at €50 (USD$61) per hour. 

Currently it appears Print3dMatter resells Ultimaker, Felix, Leapfrog, and Builder personal 3D printers. 

One interesting service offered is a FabLab - but it’s only for children. The company offers programs specially designed for children to learn the concepts of 3D design and 3D printing by using appropriate software and printing equipment. Apparently kids can “produce amazing simple robots that will paint a picture within a 2hr session.”

We’re quite interested in the fate of this and similar 3D print retail operations, which seem to be popping up almost everywhere these days. Do they have the right business model to survive? Will there be sufficient paying customers to maintain operations? Or is the public merely curious at this stage? Time will tell. 

Nevertheless, if you’re in Amsterdam and have an interest in 3D printing, this is obviously a place you should visit. 

Via Print3DMatter

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