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inbu’s 3D Modeling Approach

A UK-based service offers a way to transform an idea into a printed 3D model. This is the way it's going to be for quite a while. 

inbu is a three-person creative studio that is focused on the notion of idea to print. Their process involves taking a client’s original idea, perhaps a rough sketch, creating a digital model and ultimately 3D printing it to complete the cycle. 

It seems like a straightforward process, and it is. However, it’s addressing a key problem in the world of 3D today: few people actually know how to prepare 3D models. While creativity and ideas are widespread, the number of competent 3D modelers is still low and needs must be fulfilled by design studios such as inbu. 

It’s likely this situation could persist for a very long time. While most people today are more or less capable of creating content for their 2D printer, it took many years to gain that ability. The creation of 3D content is generally a more complex affair, requiring specialized and expensive tools with 3D skills and experience. 

Meanwhile, companies like inbu will thrive, riding on the growing availability and awareness of 3D printing technology. 

Via inbu

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