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The DWS XFAB Dental 3D Printer

Italy-based DWS Labs is developing a desktop 3D printer with a lot of capability: the XFAB.

The company has been around since 2007, producing high-end digital wax 3D printers (hence their name) that have typically been used for jewelery or dental applications. Now they’re working on a new lower-cost machine with a lot of punch. 

The rather attractive-looking XFAB, to be released in 2015, is capable of printing in a large number of materials. Available in quick-swappable cartridges are: 

  • Standard acrylate, amber - General purpose.
  • ABS-like, grey - High-impact resistant, functional parts, snap-fit, casings
  • ABS-like, white High-impact resistant, functional parts, snap-fit, casings
  • Polypropylene-like - Flexible, snap-fit, casings, components, lab equipment
  • Rigid opaque, grey - Prototypes, toys, high-detail models, marketing models
  • Transparent - Clear prototypes, liquid flow visualization, light cases
  • Ceramic nano-filled, light blue - Static thermal resistance tests, high definition models
  • Rubber-like, black - Handles, gaskets, footwear, ergonomic tests, functional parts
  • Rubber-like, transparent - Functional parts, medical devices

The XFAB is able to print in fabulously small 10 micron (0.010mm) layers, ensuring an incredibly smooth finish. They expect the machine to be used for dental, jewelry, industrial design or personal uses. Their patented laser stereolithography approach has been used on their industrial series for some years now, so we expect the same reliability and quality from the XFAB.

Unfortunately, the XFAB can only be pre-ordered at the moment, with an expected price near €5,000 (USD$6,000). 


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