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Design of the Week: Hatch for Eyewear Kit

hatch frame1.jpg

This week’s selection is Michiel Cornelissen’s Hatch for Eyewear Kit. It’s a frame for lenses, but unlike any you’ve likely seen before. 

Cornelissen, based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, makes particularly good use of 3D print technology by designing an object that’s quite impossible to make using conventional techniques, but at the same time is actually a conventional object.

hatch frame2.jpg

At first glance the frames appear quite normal, with a slight dotted pattern along the edges. But then a closer inspection will reveal the frames are actually an intricate and detailed lattice of a complexity well beyond any traditional manufacturing achievement. 

hatch frame3.jpg

 Even better, the arms are 3D printed along with the lens holders with working hinges. 

Of course, ordering the Hatch from Shapeways will get you just the frame. To complete the unit you’ll need to order lenses from partner site Eyewear Kit. They’ll let you choose from any of the following lens types: 

  • Sun Lenses
  • Sun Gradient
  • Fun Color
  • Polarized and Transitions
  • Reading
  • Prescription

Via Michiel Cornelissen and Eyewear Kit

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