Chocolate 3D Printing: Easy to Do?

Chocolate 3D Printing: Easy to Do?

UK-based Jonathan Keep has been experimenting with chocolate 3D printing, with rather delicious results. 
Keep uses a delta 3D printer to do the work, but it has significant modifications to the extruder, which must extrude molten chocolate instead of heating inedible plastic. 

The delta’s extruder is replaced with a syringe that contains a fixed amount of pre-melted chocolate. The syringe is powered by compressed air, easily constructed with a regulator, some tubing and a 2L plastic drink bottle. No need for a motorized compressor, as Keep simply pressurizes the system with a hand pump. There is not a big need for lots of compressed air because there is a limited amount of chocolate in the syringe. 

Chocolate 3D Printing: Easy to Do?

The results look good, but if you’re going to try this yourself, we’d recommend experimentation with print configuration parameters to make sure the extrusion is reliable and consistent for the shape you’re printing. 
One more thing: if you intend on eating your print, please make sure all elements touching the chocolate are clean and food safe. 
Via Keep Art

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