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Design of the Week: Articulated Doll

articulated doll overview.jpg

This week’s selection is an articulated doll by digital sculptor Ryan Kittleson in collaboration with artist Elizabeth Shupe. 

articulated doll detail.jpg

It’s a clever mix of 3D printed pieces with natural elements, evoking a kind of green, fairy-of-the-forest-like feeling. They say: 

Elizabeth drew out the concept on paper, which was then sculpted in Zbrush by Kittleson. After printing, Elizabeth added paint and artificial plant-like material. She also strung the doll with elastic cord making it fully posable at the ball joints.

articulated doll angle.jpg

The doll was posed in a lying position at NYC’s 3D Printshow, where it was exhibited among dozens of other intricate 3D print works by notable artists. 

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