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Digital Playspace Goes to 3D Systems

dollhouse figurines.jpg

At CES this year we were quite impressed with a gigantic dollhouse filled with 3D prints. Little did we know there was more to the story. 

3D Systems announced they’ve acquired Digital Playspace, the platform behind the dollhouse service. It’s another content play by 3D Systems, who now add another key piece to their Cubify content strategy. The service permits children to 3D print play items such as the dolls and furniture above.

We agree with the Cubify strategy. 3D printers are not useful unless they have a stream of interesting content to print on them. 3D Systems has consistently added unique services that produce such content, not only for their own line of 3D printers, but often for other manufacturer’s devices, too. Many of the services are focused on children’s applications, such as this one. 

And who can argue with that? 

Via 3D Systems

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