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Design of the Week: Inmotion


This week’s selection is Antonis Kiourktsis’ elegant Inmotion figurine. 

It’s a relatively simple, yet powerful figure. It caught our eye at the recent 3D Printshow in NYC, where it was shown among many other fascinating 3D prints. 

The first thing we noticed was not the print itself, but rather its shadow. The shadow somehow makes the figurine appear to be moving somehow. 


We caught up with Kiourktsis in New York recently and he explained that the figurine was inspired by the ancient Greek statues of kouros, examples of which are pictured below. You’ll recognize them by their familiar stiff posture and majestic step. 


Kiourktsis says: 

In shock, instant consequence of crisis, suspension lurks. Crisis antidote is motion. 

Inmotion pulls torso in front and steps forward. The figure serves as a link from the past to present by connecting the statues of kouros and mores (offerings to gods of ancient Greece) to contemporary man. The real representation of the body is deconstructed so that the symbolism of motion - the act of stepping forward, can be expressed through the geometry of the form. 

Via Antonis Kiourktsis
Image credit: Wikimedia

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