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The Project That Wouldn’t Exist Without 3D Printing


We ran across a new product that apparently would not have happened were it not for the availability of 3D printing technology. 

We spoke with Joergen Geerds, founder of Freedom360, a startup that manufactures a special plastic mount for GoPro Hero cameras. In fact, you can mount SIX cameras on the Freedom360 to capture a full 360 spherical view. The product also comes with software to integrate the six captured videos into a single spherical video. 

Geerds explained that the product simply wouldn’t exist without his Ultimaker personal 3D printer, on which numerous prototypes were produced. Geerds used his machine to progressively develop increasingly functional experimental models until the final version was achieved. 

It’s true. Putting making technology in the hands of entrepreneurs does create innovation. 

Via Freedom360

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