Design of the Week: P6*6 120 Pinhole Camera

Design of the Week: P6*6 120 Pinhole Camera

 This week’s selection is the the P6*6 120 Pinhole Camera by Todd Schlemmer. It definitely looks like a camera and indeed if you print the parts and assemble them you can actually capture real images using standard 120 analog film.  

Design of the Week: P6*6 120 Pinhole Camera

The camera design includes around twenty parts that must be printed and assembled. Using the pinhole technique, this camera requires no lens. In other words, you can print a complete, working camera on your 3D printer. 

But how well does it work? Schlemmer says:

I have shot a dozen rolls of film through this camera now (10-15-13). I find this camera is a delight to shoot. I am very happy with the frame indexing. Like any camera, excessive movement during exposures will blur your image. This makes very short exposures (1-2 seconds) impractical for best results unless you can absolutely immobilize the camera. A remote shutter release mechanism will address this limitation and is the next improvement I plan to make. Alternately, for “quick” exposures, you can cover the pinhole with your finger, open the shutter and (literally) manually time your exposure with your finger, then close the shutter – another old-time pinhole trick.

We like this design for one good reason: 3D prints that “do something” are better. 

Via Thingiverse

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2 Responses

  1. Hey!
    Thanks for the kind words. Use the link above to view the collection of photos I have taken with this camera. I continue to add accessories to this project, but the basic camera is about eleven parts – all printable without support.

    As regards the "fast" exposure time issue, I am just finishing a parametric photography filter adapter that will allow slower exposures in bright light.
    The link won't be live until I upload some photos and add some documentation:

    Download all the files you need to print my camera here:

    Also available completely assembled or as a kit through

  2. awesome stuff! I'd like to reproduce it if possible, maybe with 50 micron layer height on my modded rep2. Pinhole cameras needn't fit perfect just like the plastic lomos, 3d printed versions could work well (instead of the 3dprinted slr version which doesn't)

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