Bow & Drape’s 3D Printing Venture

According to a report in the Wall St. Journal, New York startup Bow & Drape has raised USD$1.2M in new investment, specifically for developing new lines of customized fashion accessories using 3D printing. 

The company is already a little different. It relies on a “just in time” manufacturing approach for its existing product lines, unlike most other fashion retailers who must stock tons of product in advance of actual sales. 3D printing will fit right in, as it is most appropriate for custom, one-off items. 

While items created with 3D printing in this way might be more expensive, they will be unique and fit precisely to the buyer. It could also somewhat less stress on the environment, depending on the amount of shipping involved. 

The company will grow its seven person team and specifically focus on custom fit “enduring statement pieces”. We suspect the new team members will be 3D fashion designers, as the company intends to use Shapeways for producing the final items. 

We believe the 3D print industry is ripe for this type of custom-made piece business. The process of designing and producing solid 3D models is now mature and thus can be reliably used by innovative businesses in the fashion industry. 

We also think that such companies will eventually make use of future fabric-capable 3D printers, hints of which are beginning to emerge. 

Via Wall St. Journal (Hat tip to James)

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