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Stratasys to be Acquired?

SSYS Bloomberg.jpg

Bloomberg speculates on the future of 3D printing giant Stratasys. They believe the company could be acquired by one of two existing 2D printing companies. 

The thinking is that Stratasys would be the target of any acquisition over 3D Systems because that company’s stock is slightly undervalued as compared to its main rival, 3D Systems. 

The companies in question are none other than HP and Seiko, according to Bloomberg. We’ve heard the HP rumors before, many times. HP and Stratasys have even done business before: HP for a time resold Stratasys’ uPrint under an HP label. But we understand poor sales, perhaps due to a lack of experience in the field, doomed that deal. 

However, it remains to be seen if HP will actually make this move. It is just as likely they'll suddenly announce a new technology from their labs. 

The new player in this equation is Seiko. You might know them from their timepiece business, but it’s actually a large Asian holding company producing watches, clocks, electronic devices,semiconductors and optical products.  

And just maybe 3D printers, too. 

Via Bloomberg

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