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3D Print Your Honda Concept Car


Honda Motors has taken a  big step into the consumer 3D printing world by offering cars for download. 

We don’t mean a REAL car, of course, it’s only 3D models of cars. Concept cars, in fact. Their new site provides free downloads of STL files for five different cars. Each of the five concept cars presented includes a short bio of the vehicle. You can download a high or low resolution STL file, or simply view the vehicle in 3D directly in your browser. Online viewing is in full color, but the STL files do not include any color or texture, of course. 

The concept cars include: the Kiwami, Puyo, NSX Concept, Fuya-Jo and the FSR Concept. Each can be printed on your own 3D printer, or if you’d prefer, a 3D print service could produce them in different materials. 

We think Honda is trying to venture into the newly emerging 3D print consumer space and they’ve done a pretty good job. Except for the annoying music. 

Via Honda

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