3D Printer Built by Thirteen Year Old

The Times of India reports on a teenager who’s successfully constructed his own DIY 3D printer. While many people have built 3D printers from kits or parts, it’s interesting to see the age of builders decrease to the mid-teens. What are the implications? 

Mumbai resident Angad Daryani, a now fifteen-year old, decided to produce his own 3D printer as his family was unwilling to fund the purchase of a 3D printer. Necessity is the mother of invention in this case. Daryani not only built the printer for half the price of a purchased printer, but is planning to sell his invention to the public. The price? Only Rs20,000 (about USD$320)

His new venture, Shark Kits, will provide ultra-inexpensive 3D printer kits expected to ship in March of this year. 

While Daryani is no doubt exceptional, the point remains that younger people are not only able to understand and use 3D printing, but they can even make the printers, too. This tells us that 3D printing technology is here to stay. As younger people apply their innovative minds we expect the rate of technology improvement to increase. 

Via Times of India and Angad Makes

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