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MakerBot’s MakerWare Passes a Key Milestone

makerware image.jpg

MakerBot’s latest release of their 3D printing management software, MakerWare, has passed what we believe to be a significant milestone. 

While the new version includes quite a few new features, including a direct connection with Thingiverse, model library management, print progress monitoring, there is one thing it does not have. 

It’s no longer compatible with MakerBot’s original 3D printer, the CupCake. 

This is obviously disappointing for CupCake owners, but the time had come. The CupCake, released in 2009, is now five years old. That’s quite a long time for software support of a machine that’s been succeeded by now four generations of improved 3D printers from MakerBot. 

Kudos to MakerBot for supporting the CupCake for this length of time. Sympathy to CupCake owners, who at this point should really consider an upgrade. Many incredibly powerful machines are now on the market that would look a lot better on your desktop than an old CupCake. 



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