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MakerBot’s Hiring: What Does This Mean?

makerbot 500.jpg

From time to time we see MakerBot advertising for new hires, and today there’s another such call. What’s going on behind the scenes? 
They ask “Will you be our 500th employee?” We find this startling. MakerBot only started in 2009, making them barely five years old. For the first couple of years the company comprised only a very small handful of very busy folks, but now - 500 staff! The growth of 3D printing is reflected in the spectacular growth of MakerBot. 

The specific roles being recruited include development manager, engineer, sales, interns and something called “SOX Compliance Manager”. Wait, what? 

“SOX” is corporate slang for the Sarbanes-Oxley act, which requires public corporations to provide detailed reporting, lest they mislead their shareholders. Now that MakerBot is owned by Stratasys, they inherit the need for SOXers. 
We’re quite certain Bre never imagined this when he and team conceived MakerBot in 2008. 
Via MakerBot

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