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Design of the Week: Mazzo di Fiori

mazzo overview.jpg

This week’s selection is the incredibly detailed Mazzo di Fiori by noted 3D print artist Joshua Harker. 

mazzo detail 1.jpg

Printed in SLS Polyamide, the piece initially appears to be a mono-color flower display, but there’s more to it than that. An unusual radial pattern mid-way up the print is reminiscent of waves on water. 

Harker says:  

Celebrating the harmony and beauty of opposite and opposing forces. The water surface depicts the plane of separation between liquid and gas, with the reaching flower transcending and binding both worlds. An environmental yin / yang.

mazzo detail 2.jpg

The flowers look realistic, but are they? Are they replicants of actual foliage or are they abstract fantasies merely inspired by real life? 

Via Joshua Harker

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