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Arabic Style Ceiling Produced With 3D Printing

Arabic Style Ceiling.jpg

123D member Mark Leonard created an amazing ceiling fixture using 3D printing technology. 

Arabic Style Ceiling Model.jpg

Leonard designed the pieces with Autodesk’s free 123D 3D utilities, specifically the 123D Design app, which is a free and very easy to use 3D modeling tool. Leonard also used another 123D tool, MeshMixer, which enables more freeform 3D model manipulation. 

Arabic Style Ceiling Paint.jpg

The “ceiling” is actually made with two different processes: 3D printing of the more complex shapes and CNC milling. CNC milling involves cutting off material to reveal a finished object, the reverse of 3D printing where material is added to complete an object. We suspect CNC milling was used for the larger elements and those involving less complexity. 

What makes this most interesting to us is the demonstration of the incredible complexity that can be achieved by using free software tools. If Leonard can do this, imagine what you can do. 

Via 123DApp

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