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ProtoCow Provides 3D Printing Quotes

Protocow logo.jpeg

We’re checking out a new service targeted at 3D print services: Protocow. But perhaps you could use the service, too. 

What is it? It’s a website plugin that accepts an upload of a 3D model and prepares a real-time quote for printing. The plug-in can be configured for your pricing and accommodates a wide variety of 3D printing processes, which often differ significantly in how pricing is calculated. 

Protocow’s service renders the days of “Email us your STL file and we’ll figure a quote for you” services obsolete. With this plug-in, customers simply get a quote immediately. 

There is a cost, however. Protocow offers several different levels of service based on the number of uploads expected. At the lowest level, they charge only a 10% cut of the print fee. 

If you’re not a 3D print service, why would you be interested in this plug-in? We think it’s because you could monetize your own idle 3D printer using Protocow’s least expensive service level. Sure, you’d pay 10% to them, but to compensate you need only raise your print fee by 10%. It could be an easy way to make some extra cash to fund your 3D printing habit. 

Via Protocow

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