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Design of the Week: Insides Neck Piece

soukup neck overview.jpg

This week’s selection is Hannah Soukup’s beautiful “Insides” neck piece.

The neck piece is actually part of Soukup’s “Insides” collection, which explores “the hidden personal and physical self”. She says: 

The neck and belt pieces are designed as fluid shapes inspired by curvilinear transitions and gradient forces that form articulated and elegant DNA-like ornaments. The design is shaped on multiple scales, mimicking the continuous morphing between one part and another, uniting to create a coherent whole. 

soukup neck detail.jpg

We appreciate the piece because it’s fine detail exhibits a smooth flow that we find very attractive. The curves evoke action movements, even though it’s a static piece. 

As far as we can tell, the work is a one-time thing and we are not able to find a way to either download a model or purchase a copy. 

Via Hannah Soukup

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