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Win a Free 3D Printed Flexible Bag

kipling bag overview.jpg

Conventional bag-maker Kipling has done the unconventional: created a 3D printed bag - that you might get for free.

They’ve teamed up with Materialise, a large commercial 3D print service to develop a new 3D printed bag based on their “Monkey Madness” collection. The new design was printed with Materialise’s using two different processes: new flexible laser sintering material, TPU 92A-1 and an existing epoxy material using stereolithography.

kipling detail.jpg

How can you get one? It’s a contest, but unlike other contests that require you to do a lot of design work, this one simply asks that you enter your information. They’ll pick a (presumably small number of) winners to receive the free bag. Enter before April 3rd, when the contest closes.

Via Kipling and Materialise (PDF)

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