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3D Printed National Gifts

British PM David Cameron knows a bit more about 3D printing than we imagined: He’s just presented a 3D printed gift to Israeli President Shimon Peres. 

The sculpture, a clear box containing floating “nano particles”, was created by UK artist Daniel Hildrup, a previous Design of the Week selectee. The particles represent brain research undertaken by a British-Israeli team developing treatments for Parkinson’s disease. 

The piece was designed by Hildrup, but 3D printed at UK 3D print service bureau IPF on their Stratasys Connex equipment. Fabbaloo friend and IPF spokesperson Gary Miller said: 

Like a ship in a bottle, producing a material inside another is just not possible using traditional manufacturing methods. In fact, no other 3D printing technology can print this combination of materials with a clear transparent material and the black. The results were amazing, especially given the fact the whole piece was produced overnight.

We’re excited to see 3D prints literally in the hands of people who steer nations. Readers generally foresee a bright future for 3D printing, with many different revolutions triggered by the technology. However, the majority of the general public has yet to understand the implications of the technology. Hopefully a few more will look into 3D printing as a result of this exchange. 

Via Stratasys

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