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Additively Assists Your Additive Manufacturing

A startup company hopes to simplify connecting with and selecting a 3D printing service provider for industrial parts. 

Additively covers a network of apparently “250” 3D print services in Europe. We know there aren’t that many large service bureaus, so Additively likely covers a great many small providers, too. 

It’s an easy to use service. Simply upload your 3D model and then they’ll ask you a bunch of questions about your requirements, including whether the print is a final production part, prototype, or simply for visual inspection. They’ll also ask you the type of material required. They seem to cover a large number of possibilities, including: 

  • Ceramic
  • Composite (including full-color)
  • Glass
  • Ten types of metal 
  • Twenty-two types of plastic
  • Sand
  • Wax
  • Wood

From what we know of 3D printing processes, it would appear that Additively’s set of services includes virtually every type of 3D printer available today. 

You’ll receive quotes from which you can select the best deal for your application. 

If you have a 3D printer and would like to participate, Additively has no sign up fee, but instead charges a “small commission” on any prints that go through their service. 

We think this could be an important service because it provides a kind of “meta layer” above the service bureaus by which you can attempt to compare pricing. Otherwise it can be difficult to even identify possible 3D print services, let alone compare quotes. 

We suspect they’ll expand to the rest of the world shortly. 

Via Additively

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