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Design of the Week: Stuck Together Pieces

Pieces w Artist.jpg

This week’s selection is an unusual hybrid 3D printed piece, Stuck Together Pieces by Eric Goldemberg and Veronica Zalcberg of Monad Studio. 

stuck overview.jpg

It’s a large item, about the size of a good sofa. But we wouldn’t try sitting on it. We spoke with Principal Designer Goldemberg at the NYC 3D Printshow and learned how the piece was built.

stuck piece.jpg

He explained that it’s a hybrid work built with a CNC-machined base with yellow 3D printed pieces, “stuck together”, hence the name. 

Monad Studio says: 

There is a paradigm shift in spatial perception due to the intense use of computational techniques in architecture and the capacity to process and manipulate massive amounts of data, whereby rhythm is now perceived as playing an active role in the formation of space and the tectonic articulation, claiming the foreground figural field and not just merely embedded or indexed in the structure. 

stuck close.jpg

We enjoy the sweeping curves of this piece, which was immediately attractive amongst other works within the gallery. The base provides a smooth contrast to the detailed structure of the 3D printed components, yet when you look closely, the base is not smooth. 

stuck side.jpg

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