Another 3D Printing Use Scenario: Enhanced Lighting

The combination of artistic 3D prints and computer-controlled LED lighting is opening up some new furniture possibilities. 

According to a report on Recombu, lighting maker Philips has been adding new capabilities (switches and pure-white light) to its “Hue” series of programmable bulbs. These features could encourage the development of 3D print – Hue hybrid objects that combine light and structure in new ways. 

By embedding the lights within a 3D printed structure specifically designed to be internally illuminated, attractive new forms can be created. Philips is exhibiting demonstrations of this approach at the Light and Building show in Frankfurt this week, including the example shown above. If you’re intrigued, you can actually purchase these lights from Philip’s Hue site, MeetHue. 

Hue is not the only bulb of this type – and in fact any cool LED bulb would work as well, without the remote control features, of course. We believe designers will quickly catch on to this technique and develop multiple ways to leverage light and 3D printing. 

Via Recombu and MeetHue

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