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Mazotta Checks out Robo3D

robo3d interview.jpg

3D printing videographer Andrew Mazzotta took a swing by Robo3D’s San Diego offices to check out their operations. 

Mazzotta sat down with Robo3D’s Braydon Moreno and discussed the latest at Robo3D. What we heard was: 

  • Robo3D was not based on RepRap and was in fact a new design
  • Their first prototype was wooden, like many initial experiments in making 3D printers
  • Robo3D wanted to create a new brand, suitable for stunning visuals on anyone's desktop
  • They want people to share a story with their 3D printer; that's what drives Robo3D
  • They took some ideas from open source and now wish to give some backRobo3D version R2 launches this summer, with a bigger print volume and a "new process"

That’s what we’re curious about. What is the “new process” to be used by the Robo3D R2? Will they get into resin-based 3D printing? 

Via YouTube

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