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Jewelry with Jweel

jweel prints.jpg

We’re checking out a new jewelry generator called “Jweel”. It looks like one of the best we’ve seen so far.

The service operates in a manner similar to what we’ve seen used with popular 3D print services: provide a very slick and simplified design interface to create a 3D model, then send the design to a 3D print service for production. The “design” layer receives a commission from the 3D print service for each successful print. 

Jweel sample.jpg

The difference with Jweel’s offering is that it seems a lot more powerful than other approaches that tend to provide a fairly restricted set of parameters. Somehow Jweel’s approach provides an ability to create some very beautiful pieces without a lot of fuss. (Check out our text ring design above). 

Here’s what we found:

  • Jweel can produce rings, using one of two methods: “Text Ring” or “Freestyle”
  • Designs can be shared on social networks or saved for more editing later
  • Both approaches show an easy-to-use rotatable 3D view of your current design
  • The text ring method includes a large number of very cool fonts, each totally appropriate for ring construction (this is more important than you might think; we’ve spent many hours sorting through fonts to find ones that work in such cases)
  • The freestyle method permits simple manipulation of the 3D model to create relatively complex shapes - although you might want to read the tutorial first
  • Jweel uses Materialise under the covers to print the jewelry

Once you’ve designed your ring, you can select the materials to build it with, such as silver or gold - and even select the “finish”. Pricing seems to include shipping, as it apparently detects your location on the fly. 

The service is simple, yet powerful. A good combination. 

Via Jweel

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