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Are 3D Printing Stocks Recovering?

After a precipitous fall, 3D printing stocks seem to have rebounded slightly this week. What’s up with that?

As you can see in the chart above, key 3D printing publicly traded stocks took an upward bounce in recent days. The stock prices of Stratasys (SSYS), 3D Systems (DDD), ExOne (XONE) and VoxelJet (VJET) bounced up from as low as a 4% gain to a 24% gain (by ExOne). 

What’s the reason for this? We’re not certain, but although some financial analysts have classified the sector as being overpriced, the growth of the industry is of little doubt and stocks will eventually go higher. Currently we feel their luster has been dampened by an over-enthusiastic run-up in the past year or two, mainly from folks who had exaggerated notions of what the technology might do. Perhaps it will achieve those lofty goals, but not as soon as some imagined.

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