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The Rabbit Proto 3D Prints Circuits

Rabbit Proto has developed technology capable of 3D printing electrical traces - and it might be added to your existing 3D printer. 

The startup company has created a syringe-based extruder that can be added to any RepRap 3D printer capable of accepting a second extruder. The Rabbit Proto syringe extruder can be loaded with any squirtable substance, but they’re focusing on conductive ink. 

This means that a 3D print can include electrical conductive traces; you can now print simple electrical devices. In this video you’ll see them design and print  a working game controller using the new approach. 

While it’s not yet available, you can pre-order a couple of combinations: 

  • Pure Rabbit: An add-on syringe extruder and some conductive ink (USD$350)
  • Super Rabbit: A complete dual extruder containing both a syringe and plastic extruder for replacement of your existing extruder
  • Rabbit 3D Printer: A fully-assembled RepRap 3D printer including the Rabbit Proto syringe extruder. 

So far the device supports only RepRap machines, but they’ve provided a developer kit on GitHub for other manufacturers (or enthusiasts) to use to involve further machines. 

The capability is crude, to be sure, but it’s definitely a first. We can now 3D print electronic objects. 

And it’s only the beginning. 

Via Rabbit Proto

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