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The ZEGO 3D Printer - And More

ZEGO overview.jpeg

Another 3D printer launched its fundraising campaign: the ZEGO. It’s a 3D printer - and a whole lot more. 

From the first glance you’d think the ZEGO is a 3D printer based on the Delta Robot approach. And it is. But here’s the interesting thing: it’s also a multi-functional robot. 

zego magnets.jpeg

The PLA-capable 3D printing extruder is but one of no less than five different attachments that can operate within the ZEGO. The attachments are coupled with magnets, making tool switching incredibly easy. In addition to the 3D printing head, the ZEGO currently offers: 

  • A pen plotting head
  • A wood burner
  • An engraver / mill head
  • A pick & place tool

If you’re reading between the lines, the combination of engraver and pick & place tools means you can essentially create your own printed circuit boards with the ZEGO. There's not many 3D printers that can do that!

It’s a very powerful device that you can pre-order on Indiegogo. The pricing is variable, but for USD$549-749 you can get a kit with two attachments. If you’re feeling wealthy, you might go for their USD$2499 fully assembled machine that includes all five heads. 

Via Indiegogo

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