Design of the Week: PVC Connector

Design of the Week: PVC Connector

This week’s selection is the very simple, yet powerful 4-way, 3/4” PVC Connector by Thingiverse contributor Jason Powell.

Some of the selections for Design of the Week are intricately designed with highly complex models. This one isn’t. The 4-Way PVC connector is perhaps the simplest item yet awarded Design of the Week. Why do so? 

It’s not that the Connector has a complex design; rather that it’s design has such utility. Anyone can 3D print this very simple item, but by combining them with lengths of PVC pipe (as it is intended to be used) you can very easily build moderately sized structures with little or no fuss. 

Further, the Connector design might be emulated in variations that could include: 

  • Two or Three way connectors to avoid bits “sticking out” of your construction
  • Angled connectors to build curved structures
  • Precisely angled connectors for triangular constructions

A simple design such as the 4-Way Connector just inspires one to create connectors of all types. There should be a collection of connectors. 

Via Thingiverse

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