The 2014 3D Print Cup

The 2014 3D Print Cup

It’s the second version of the 2014 3D Print Cup, a contest sponsored by Will you enter?

The contest challenges designers to develop 3D character models. They say: 

This year we want you to create an original 3D character — complete with moveable parts. Chainmail, gears, rotating drums — the possibilities are endless.

You’ll be able to submit only one entry, and all pieces to your character must fit within a single print operation. 

Why enter? Because you can win a brand new, fifth-gen MakerBot Replicator, that’s why. The winners will be announced at an event in Manchester, UK, where apparently all entries will be printed for display. One more thing: last year’s event attracted around 100 entries, so you’ll have a very good chance of winning. 

Via CartridgeSave

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