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Design of the Week: Octopus Pendant - Damascus

octopi polished.jpg

This week’s selection is Matthew Amey’s beautiful Octopus pendant. 

It’s a 3D printed item that’s been finished with the artist’s own hand. Digitally sculpted, 3D printed in bronze-infused stainless steel, the 100mm cephalopod is dramatically more detailed than the standard Thingiverse octopus so many of us often print. 

Amey says: 

Three were produced by Amy and they were placed on sale on his Etsy site, where they’re priced at US$335 (not including the chain.) 

We like this piece because of it’s post-print finishing, which significantly adds to the appearance of the pendant. In this image, the same print is not yet polished and the difference is clear to see. 

Via Etsy and Matthew Amey

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