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Florea’s 3D Printed Mobile House

3D print artist Iona Florea has produced another amazing work of art using his unusual 3D printing techniques. 

In the past Florea created an astonishing 3D printed Ford Torino using his “liquid metal” approach. Now he’s tackled another large project: a 3D printed mobile home, inspired by the late artist Mike Kelley’s "Mobile Homestead" project. 

The work is composed of multiple gigantic 3D printed panels, which were produced with the assistance of VoxelJet. We’re not surprised, as VoxelJet markets 3D printers capable of huge build volumes - just the thing for this job. 

The panels were mounted on a semitrailer and transported from Illinois where the work was assembled to NYC to appear at an exhibition. 

The size of this work is impressive; Florean must certainly be the 3D print artist producing the largest scale works today. 

Via Floreart

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