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Design of the Week: 3D Printed Apron

apron worn.jpg

This week’s selection is Luis Rodriguez Alcalde’s 3D Printed Apron. 

We’re always impressed with complex 3D printing projects that take huge effort to produce, and Alcalde’s 3D Printed Apron is certainly one of them. It’s a hugely impractical item in real life, of course, but eminently printable. Alcalde says: 

Half way through the printing process I already realize, that this was more a wanna-finish project than truly useful (specially since the apron is full of holes

So true, but what a conversation starter! 

apron detail.jpg

Alcalde made good use of the snap-fit library on Thingiverse and even posted the models for the apron itself on the same site. 

Let’s get cooking!

Via 3D Digital Cooks and Thingiverse

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