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Airwolf Announces the AW3D HDx

Airwolf introduced the AW3D HDx personal 3D printer that “prints engineer-grade materials”. 

The USD$3,500 machine is an evolution of their previous model, the HD, but with a very significant difference: the hotend is capable of printing at up to 315C, far higher than typical extrusion-based 3D printers. 

This high heat means materials with higher melting points can be successfully extruded, well beyond common ABS and PLA plastics. Airwolf says the HDx can extrude “polycarbonate, Bridge nylon, Nylon 645 and over a dozen other materials”. 

Given that the machine has a rather large build volume of 305 x 203 x 305mm and a resolution of up to 0.060mm, one can easily imagine the HDx being used by engineers and designers to produce prototypes not possible on most personal 3D printers. 

One more thing: if you do acquire one of these interesting devices, please ensure your print setup includes appropriate ventilation. You don't want to be breathing nylon and "other material" vapors. 

Via Airwolf

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