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Design of the Week: Airport Security Belt

This week’s selection is the Airport Security Belt by Norwegian Kris Cleven. 

It is a very simple design, but its value is the functionality. Cleven says: 

Tired of having to take off your belt for security? Tire no more! Convert your buckle to this plastic one. Stop looking like a moron walking and putting on your belt at the same time. Note: Not responsible for pants falling down.

Oh, we so sympathize with this. As avid travelers, we have been caught with our pants in the scanner many times, resulting in additional checks and frisking. To have a choice other than frisking or appearing beltless is wonderful. 

Let’s forget about 3D printed weapons that might sneak through an airport scanner and instead make clothing that can get through, a far more practical and desirable function. Hooray for Cleven!

The choice of color is important, however, as the buckle must match the rest of your outfit. With 3D printing, that’s easy, so long as you have the right filament in hand. 

We’re wondering why the belt buckle has not yet become a popular item in 3D printing model repositories, as it is a platform on which much artistry could be deployed. The Airport Security Belt is a prototype of what might develop in the future. 

Meanwhile you can try out the Airport Security Belt at YouMagine, Ultimaker’s 3D model repository. 

Via YouMagine

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