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Two For One 3D Printer Sale?

Need a 3D printer? How about two? We found a deal where you can get two different 3D printers for one price. 

Australian-based 3D Printing System is currently running a special deal in which you can buy an UP Plus 2 3D printer and receive a “bonus” UP Mini 3D printer in the same deal. 

Is there a catch? Kinda. The “deal” is priced at USD$2,242.50, which sounds a bit high for an UP Plus 2. Checking the official PP3DP website, we found: 

  • UP Plus 2: USD$1,649
  • UP Mini: USD$899

So if you were to buy the two machines directly from PP3DP, you’d pay USD$2,548. But if you partake of the deal price you’d save USD$305.50. Not bad, if you need two 3D printers. 

More than likely you don’t need two; the UP Plus 2 would be the better machine and you’d probably not use the Mini very much. However, if you happened to have a friend who wanted in on the deal, it could work for both of you. 

Via 3D Printing Systems

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