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The DittoPro 3D Printer

Tinkertine has released their latest personal 3D printer, the Ditto Pro. It’s a very attractive machine - both in looks and specifications. 

The Ditto Pro includes a healthy build volume of 225 x 165 x 205mm and can print PLA layers as small as 0.050mm with its 0.35mm nozzle. The glass print bed is easy to level by using the “guided leveling feature” on the machine’s graphic display. 


The features we found interesting included: 

  • A removable bed, which can be quite important when removing stuck objects
  • Sound dampeners to permit “ultra quiet operation”
  • A quick-swap nozzle design to rapidly change your printing configuration

And did we mention it looks really good? 

The USD$1899 device comes entirely assembled and should work out of the box. 

Software is a little different from many other personal 3D printers that depend on various combinations of open source packages. The Ditto Pro depends on Coordia One, their own proprietary software package that can adjust 3D models and manage the printing process. Currently they have offer a basic version for Windows and Mac platforms, while their new beta version (above) is only available for Windows for now. 

Via Tinkertine

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