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How To Build Your Own 3D Printer from E-Waste

A new Instructables describes how one maker designed and built a working 3D printer using, well, junk. 

Instructables user Gelstronic set a goal of making a sub-100 Euro 3D printer having these characteristics: 

  • Fused deposition modeling ABS/PLA
  • Heat bed
  • Use of open source firmware, modified version of Tonokip
  • Free host software, Repetier-Host
  • Bowden-extruder
  • Max. build size 40 x 40 x 40mm
  • Resolution 0.08mm

And he succeeded. While the majority of the components were salvaged or were simply lying around in his (and your) workshop, a few items were purchased. But according to our primitive arithmetic, Gelstronic spent less than 50 Euros (USD$68). The resulting machine is a bit primitive, but what else would you expect?

Unfortunately, the instructions are a bit vague and are only usable by experienced machine-makers. But the point has been made: anyone can build a 3D printer out of junk. Even you. 

Via Instructables

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