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A Five-Extruder 3D Printer - With No Name

Last fall we reported on an unusual 3D printer that included an astonishing five separate extruders. Now they’re working on a new version, but it does not have a name. 

It may sound disorganized, but in fact the company behind the machine, ORD Solutions of Ontario, Canada, hopes to select a name with a contest. Aside from the brain-busting creativity you’ll need to conjure up a kick-ass name, entry is straightforward: just send them an email and post on your social media. 

The working name of the new printer is the terribly awkward “MH3000R2”. It’s no wonder they’re running a naming contest. 

While the machine’s interim name may be awkward, the new machine itself is not. Like its predecessor, the R2 retains the unique five extruder arrangement. Improvements we’re expecting include: larger build volume, upgraded structure and mechanicals and ease of use features, but these have yet to be officially confirmed and will be formally announced when the R2’s Kickstarter campaign launches later this summer. We will, of course, have all the deets when they’re available. 

Meanwhile we recommend you come up with a name for their new machine before June 20th, because if your entry is selected, you’ll receive a FREE R2, valued at USD$2,600. 

Via ORD Solutions

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