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Threeding’s 3D App Venture

threeding app.jpeg

3D model repository Threeding has done something interesting: they’ve created an app. 

Lots of companies create apps, but the move to mobile is quite rare for a 3D model repository. Why? Because the existing 3D printing workflow typically does not involve any mobile steps. You pretty much have to use a desktop computer to process the files involved in most cases. 

But they say something interesting in their explanation: 

Despite the current lack of integration between smartphones and tablets with 3D printers, we believe that the market will develop in this direction and we would like to be one step ahead.

Aha. We think they’re right. While most of the action is deeply linked to desktop machines today, that could easily change, at least for pre-made 3D models. We can imagine a world where you shop for models on your mobile, perform any dynamic adjustments to the size, shape or features directly from your mobile, then send it to your 3D printer - or a 3D print service. 

We think this could be a fairly straightforward assembly of existing technologies. Threeding wants to be involved in that universe, and so do we. 

Via Threeding

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