Tom’s Leveling Video

Thomas Sanladerer presents a video explaining how to level the bed on your 3D printer. 

Leveling your print bed is one of the two most important things you have to do with your 3D printer. If not done properly, the first layer of your print won’t stick and that will inevitably result in a print failure. 

While the specific method of leveling may vary between devices, the concept is always the same: ensure that the extruder(s) are a consistent distance from all portions of your printing surface. 

Sanladerer uses the “paper” technique, which we favor. It turns out that the typical piece of paper has a thickness of about 70 microns (0.07mm), which is a very good measurement for the required extruder distance. Simply adjust your bed until the paper begins to grip, as you’ll see in the video. 

Via YouTube

General Fabb

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